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Who We Are

Dedicated healthcare strategic advisory consultants guiding you to organizational transformation.

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Strategic Advisory Consultants

Level Ten empowers healthcare leaders to develop a business mindset and culture focused on personal resilience, engaged employees, improved patient experience, and operational innovation.

We understand the challenges of prioritizing organizational transformation amidst daily chaos and will help you take back control to create lasting, sustainable change.


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Strengthen Your Culture
and Transform Your Organization

Level Ten Healthcare Advisors was founded by Jon Headlee, owner of Ten Adams, a healthcare marketing, branding, strategy, and advertising agency.

With over 35 years of experience assisting reputable health systems across the country, Jon recognized the critical need for hospital executives to strengthen their culture and transform their organization from the inside out.

Our team can help better embody your mission, vision, and values and gain trust, respect, and loyalty from your employees, patients, and community.

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Level Ten - Sunrise Swoosh

Reimagine Your Strategy
and Move Your Organization Forward

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At Level Ten Healthcare Advisors, we take time to understand your needs. We create a customized roadmap that guides you to build success at your pace. Our team of healthcare advisors works as your partner—defining and advancing strategic priorities that transform your organization today and tomorrow.