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Deliver better patient care, attract and retain top talent, stay ahead of the competition, and build a sustainable future with a commitment to growth and innovation at your organization.

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Organizational Growth Strategy

Developing a comprehensive organizational growth strategy for your health system is crucial to ensuring long-term success and sustainability. Intentionally planning how to steadily expand your services and increase your capacity will allow you to meet the growing demand for healthcare services, attract and retain top talent, and improve your financial performance without overtaxing your systems and causing undue financial strain.

Our team can help you explore the most essential avenues for growth and create a master plan to guide your organization through your next stage of evolution, building work plans for each initiative and providing accountability, guidance, and implementation support along the way.

Service Line Growth + Development

Whether you need to build a service line from the ground up, recharge an existing service line, or integrate services across your health system into a singular clinical program we can help.

We'll bring all key stakeholders together with expert facilitation to build out a shared vision, establish priorities, create a growth strategy, and develop an outreach plan to successfully build your program. Then, we'll guide you through service line sprints, focused strategic sessions for each essential service line, and create objectives and tactics for implementing and measuring your goals and strategies for growth.

Patient Experience Design

Healthcare organizations are deeply focused on improving the customer experience. To make real, lasting, and continuous change you need to drive a cultural shift across the entire organization to reignite and spark passion for improving service for all customers.

Our team will help you develop a clear, shared vision of the ideal patient experience. From redesigning key touchpoints and interactions for delivering better care to reengaging your entire leadership team (supervisors to VP to Administrators), building alignment and accountability is needed to continuously improve patient care while growing a culture of service in your organization.

Market Growth Strategy

Most organizations build a marketing plan and rely on service line and clinic leaders to drive growth, but siloed plans that don't take the organization and CEO's broader vision and goals into account fall flat and fail to make a substantial impact.

We'll work with you to maximize your growth and evolution as an organization through visioning with key executives and stakeholders, assessing the competitive landscape, reviewing industry trends, determining your unique value proposition, and outlining opportunities for expansion in your marketplace.

Physician Outreach Strategy

One of the most effective means of growing your organization is developing a strong physician outreach strategy that deepens relationships with referring providers and builds trust and credibility with partner physicians.

Strengthening your physician outreach strategy can help increase patient volume, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance your reputation within the community. Level Ten can help you grow your existing networks, develop and execute personalized communication and engagement plans, and address any potential barriers to physician engagement.

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