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Innovate old strategies, increase engagement, and attract and retain top talent by leveraging your core identity and taking an employee-centric approach to recruitment.

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Employer Brand Development

Now, more than ever, a clearly defined employer brand that articulates your unique identity, employee value proposition, and culture to prospective employees is key to attracting and retaining top talent.

We'll help you leverage your key differentiators to: build a recognizable and trusted brand; engage with potential prospects, current employees, and the community; enhance and strengthen your reputation as an employer; and drive employment growth at your health system.

Recruitment Strategy Redesign

Changes in the healthcare industry and workforce shortages have drastically shifted power dynamics from employer to employee. We can no longer rely on recruitment strategies from the past to attract and convert top candidates.

We must redesign our recruitment strategies to leverage our employer brand, emphasize opportunities for growth and development, and communicate the value of building a career with our organization. We'll work with your team to reassess your tactics and approach, bridge the gap and break down silos between your HR team and marketing, and convey an engaging story that compels candidates to apply.

Employee Experience Design

A healthy, thriving organizational culture doesn't happen by default, it happens by design. As healthcare leaders we must commit to intentionally recreating the employee and candidate experience to ensure we are attending to their personal, professional, family, and financial needs.

Through touchpoint and communication mapping, we can ensure you are building a robust employee experience that attracts top talent and builds deep loyalty and engagement with your existing staff so you can continue to deliver a world-class patient experience, live your mission, and make a deep, lasting impact within the community.

Building a Culture of Engagement

Building a culture of engagement by supporting employees with initiatives built for them to thrive is critical. Engaged employees are more committed to their work, provide higher-quality care to patients, and are less likely to leave their jobs.

Studies have even shown that hospitals with high levels of employee engagement have lower patient mortality rates, fewer medical errors, and higher patient satisfaction scores. Additionally, engaged employees are more likely to innovate and find new ways to improve patient care and hospital operations. Investing in your employee's satisfaction, fulfillment, and well-being is key to maintaining relevance in your market.

Employee Engagement Master Plan

To increase employee engagement and assist with retention, you need a comprehensive and holistic approach to employee experience design that strategically builds engagement in each stage of the employee journey.

Our “Seven Stages of Employee Engagement” framework gives you a roadmap for building engagement through every major employee touchpoint: hiring, welcoming, connecting, balancing, rewarding, inspiring, and serving. We'll work with your team to create key strategies to enhance your offerings in each stage and provide action plans and implementation support to codify your commitment to building a healthy, thriving culture.

Is it time for a Recruitment Strategy Redesign?

If you're struggling to recruit and retain exceptional talent, you're not alone.

In over 30 years of solving challenges for our healthcare clients, we've seen the impact of radical changes in the industry.

On top of working to improve patient care, today you're fighting against staffing shortages, employee burnout, and skyrocketing employment costs. We know you need solutions that address all sides of the talent equation: Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement.

Let's assess where you are and help you make a plan to strategically and comprehensively improve recruitment and engagement at your health system.

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